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Optimize End-User Computing Functions to Extract

Maximum Value Regardless of Platform or Device

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Tech360 Base


  • Eliminate single point of failure, and improve up-time & security 

  • Up your IT capabilities while keeping costs low 

  • For organizations with 3 to 50 employees

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Tech360 Care


  • Increase IT capabilities and access expertise without adding staff 

  • End-user support and greater up-time 

  • For organizations with 10 to 100 employees

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Tech360 Care+


  • Outsource entire IT infrastructure, including hardware 

  • Complete worry-free IT environment 

  • For organizations with 10 to 200 employees

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What The Best
IT Managed Services Providers Really Do.

All IT Managed Service Providers are Not Created Equal.  When evaluating MSPs it’s important to know what makes an MSP great, what to look for, and what are the differences.

At Techone, two of our most important values are that we are customer-centric and we are committed to doing the right thing.  This means transparency is very important to us.  We want our services to be easy to understand and compare to other options.  We offer three core managed service packages that cover a wide range of needs for those looking to completely outsource their IT, and for those looking to augment existing teams.  Read on to learn about the core features of our offerings.

Intelligent MSP Platform

IT is business critical.  Tech360 enables self-healing of your IT environment that stops problems before they stop you. Tech360, the industry’s first and only intelligent MSP Platform, optimizes IT performance through self-healing problem remediation.  This means that for many types of IT issues, when a problem occurs, Tech360 detects it and automatically fixes it.  This means more uptime, less business disruption and more productive users.

Remote Monitoring and Alerting

We provide remote monitoring and alerting to immediately detect problems in your infrastructure. Our network operating centers (NOCs) monitor your performance 24x7x365. NOC technicians keep a watchful eye on your environment and respond rapidly to critical issues to keep your systems up and running.

Remote Patch Management & Remediation

This service includes patching workstations and servers to ensure the software is always up-to-date and protected from emerging vulnerabilities and exploits. Software vendors are releasing patches with greater frequency, which creates more work for in-house IT staff. But staying current with patches is important, as they typically include bug fixes and updated security measures. Tech360 automates the patch management process, which eliminates human error and ensures timely updates. Additionally, device patch status is validated daily to ensure you are protected.

Drive Space Performance Optimization

Poor system performance causes lost productivity and aggravation.  We all have experienced laptops and desktop computers slowing down overtime.  Our automated drive space management cleans-up disk drives on workstations and servers when available storage space becomes low, keeping you in the fast lane.

Management Portal and Managed Service Reports

As your trusted IT ally, it is important to us to be transparent and promote collaboration.  That's why we provide direct access to management tools.  This enables customers to enter tickets directly into our systems and track status and history.  We also provide reporting so you can track key aspects of your environment.

Software and Hardware Lifecycle Management

Managing numerous hardware and software vendors can be time- intensive and complicated. Since we work with these technology vendors on an ongoing basis, we’ve developed the expertise to negotiate great pricing, terms, and conditions. We help with all aspects of procurement and lifecycle management, including defining requirements and specifications, vendor selection, purchasing, license management, renewals, warranties, and end-of-life management.

Asset Management

Keeping track of IT assets is an important part of IT management.  Our systems management tools allow you to automatically discover new assets added to your network, maintain a real-time detailed inventory of all of your hardware and software, and audit software licenses.

Managed Security Services – Base

Every day you hear about new cyberattacks hitting large and small companies.  No one is immune – 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack in the past year. Cybersecurity experts are in short supply. Our certified security experts can help protect your data and provide peace of mind.  Our base managed security service provides managed perimeter protection and includes antivirus and DNS filtering to thwart threats from malicious websites.

Managed Security Services - Advanced 

Our advanced managed security offerings include additional layers of protection. Features include email security to prevent viruses from spam, additional DNS filtering that extends protection to devices outside of your firewall, and vulnerability scans to identify security risks.  We also offer governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services for SMBs that must maintain a higher level of security and IT controls to meet corporate and regulatory requirements.

Problem Remediation 

When your users have problems, you need help fast.  Our team of networking, cloud, security and Office365 experts will troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely. Our industry leading Tech360 Intelligent MSP platform discovers weaknesses in the performance of your servers, workstations, routers, switches, and firewalls. Our unique self-healing technology addresses many common issues before an end user even experiences a problem. And if a problem surfaces, we can quickly detect the root cause and help resolve issues faster, reducing unscheduled downtime and lowering IT costs.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Care Team

We take our pledge to be your trusted IT ally seriously. That’s why we have a team of customer success managers.  Their job is to ensure you are getting maximum value from Tech360, that we are responsive to your needs, and that we have intimate knowledge of your environment and evolving requirements. Along with other members of your Care Team, you will be wrapped in support.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data is essential. Backing up data at the proper intervals and being able to quickly restore it in the event of a disaster is a key competence your MSP needs. Most MSPs offer backup services, but not all offer disaster recovery services. Backups are critical when data is corrupted or lost, or if a system is infected. Disaster recovery is a plan to ensure your IT systems and data are back up and running should your IT assets (e.g., data center) be destroyed by a major disaster, such as a fire, a hurricane, or even a major data breach. More advanced MSPs use sophisticated automated technology backups for most network equipment, ensuring faster recovery in case of a failure.

Remote Helpdesk

When problems occur, you need help fast. That’s where the help desk comes in. Whether it’s an end user who needs to reset a password or an application owner concerned about system performance, MSPs should provide help desk and technical support to troubleshoot and remedy their issues. Help desk technicians are your immediate and first line of defense. They will troubleshoot the issue, whether it’s a problem with end-user laptops or critical components of the IT infrastructure, and assign the correct specialist as required. Look for an MSP that offers an SLA that provides the responsiveness you need and, most important, a help desk capable of resolving most issues on the first call.